Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back on the Boat

Hello all you blog readers,

Posting a short note at the request of some family members.

We are back on High Spirits and moving her north to Deale, MD for winter storage.  Today we are in beautiful Elizabeth City, NC where it has been raining all day.  Joy is off getting a massage and a pedicure. Kind of a present from me.

We hope to leave tomorrow for the Dismal Swamp passage which takes two days to get to the northern end, either Portsmouth or Norfolk, VA.

From then we keep moving north until we get to Deale, MD.  On Friday Nov 1 we are going to take our granddaughter, Erin, to Mt. Vernon if everything comes together. Mt Vernon is still open as it is a private foundation, not a Federal park site.

November we find us either in NH for a couple of days or just driving around the East Coast visiting our kids until we head out to Ohio for Thanksgiving.  The weekend before Joyce is taking us to the Ohio State football game.

Finally back to NH by Dec 1 to collapse and enjoy the snow


ps  Will put up some pictures later