Saturday, February 14, 2015

In Nassau

Arrived in Nassau after spending the night on the Bank, spent Thursday night. The wind was light and the seas were pretty gently. We had motored 10 hours after leaving North Bimini.  Then the next day we motored 9 more hours and arrived yesterday afternoon about 3 pm

We are staying at the Nassau Harbor Club which is in pretty good shape and being remodeled by the new owners.  They are rebuilding the restaurant and bakery shop.  The docks are in good shape, the showers are okay,

The good thing is that it is across the street from City Shopping Center, which has a large supermarket, Drugstore, Starbucks - with free wifi, and a ton of other stores.  We are at the Starbucks right now.

I have included two pictures, one of Joy's fish that she caught on the way from BImini

The next photo is the side of the Norwegian cruise vessel which we passed in the Nassau Harbor

There were two large cruise ships in the Harbor yesterday

We plan on leaving on Monday for the Exuma chain.  The weather's only bad spot is Wed and Thursday.  Hopefully we can pick up a mooring.


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