Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sailing South

We are back on High Spirits after a Christmas break of four weeks.  Got to see our children and grandchildren for Christmas and afterwards.

High Spirits had some work done on her after we returned to the Hinckley yard in Stuart, FL.  Had two new coolant hoses installed, seems to have stopped our coolant leak and need to add coolant every other day or so.  Had the new solar panel controller installed and away we go.

We stayed at Sally and Manny's house for a week while the yard completed the tasks.

Finally left Stuart, stopped for an afternoon and evening at Peck Lake, and now have been two days at anchorage outside of Palm Beach Sailing Club and Rybovich Supermega Yacht Center.  Wish I had my camera when we went ashore today.  It is something to see a 200 foot motor yacht in the air, held up by a 200 metric ton travel lift.  Unbelievable.

I did get a picture from our anchor spot of the large ships

I am guessing that this mast is over 125 feet.
Joy and I walked 6 miles, 3 down and 3 back, to have lunch at a French Bistro restaurant in West Palm Beach. Walked past a lot of houses with either large hedges or walls.  There is sure a lot of money down here in the Palm Beach area.

Our new selfie!!


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