Monday, January 26, 2015

Sitting in the Wind and Raid - Dinner Key

We are sitting in the anchor field at Dinner Key, Coconut Grove, FL.  Coconut Grove is part of the City of Miami, on the south side.  In fact the City Hall is the old Pan Am terminal for the aquaplane fleet.

Arrived yesterday after a 6 hour trip from Ft. Lauderdale.  Got a couple of boat picture.
Based on information from one of our boater friends the large blue boat, 200+ fee I length, belongs to Steven Speilberg, Famous Movie director

We ended up taking the dinghy over to have dinner with Charlie and Jane, 40 Tartan called IBIS.
They are from NYC and are retired.  They worked on the theater industry mostly on lighting.

The darker part of their  dodger is the bottom half of a new solar panel built with flexible solar cells.  Charlie installed it over the last two weeks. 

Not much to do today as it is too windy and raining to go to shore.  Tomorrow should be better, time to do some errands, pick up some meds at CVS and go see the movie, Birdman, which got of Academy award nominations.


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