Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life at Blackpoint Settlement

getting ready to leave this wonderful little Bahamian town, past Staniel Cay but before Georgetown.

this past Sunday we went to a special Bsptist service on Sunday at the local church.  the three churches got together to close  a 3 day women's retreat. lots of great music.  Sorry that we did not get pictures but everyone was  dressed up.  not us boaters of course.

We are moving out of here  and waiting for Nick and Sie tsar rive next Momday.

wanted to thank Larry and Annette on Islsnd Breeze and Charlir  and Jane on Ibis for hanging with us for the  past 2 weeks. Ibis heading north and Island  Breeze is heading south.  we are just staying  in the local area around Staniel Cay to pick up the Behlers


Ps. will load some pictures when I figure out how to put them on the IPAD.

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