Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In the Abacos

Well it has been a while since I wrote something.  a lot has happened, all of it good except for the loss of my computer.

We had a rain shower early in the morning and we thought we had latched the center hatch tightly.  however the latch was not tight, and the water poured in, right on top od the laptop.

it already was not working properly, bad keyboard.  Nick and Sue brought me a plug in keyboard and that  worked until the rain storm.  thought it might work, packed it in rice for a couple of days, but alas, it would not turn on.

fortunately i had backed up my important files on a flashs drive.  Will get a new PC when we return to the States in mid May.

Nick and Sue came and stayed for two weeks, one week in the Blacpoint Settlement area and then one week traveling north throughout Exumas Lake and Sea  Park and flying home out of Nassau

 I have problems accessing our photos via the  blog.  So new picture ofNickand Sue.

We will be spending the month of April here in the Abacos.  One of Joy's college friends, Lisa is coming on High Spirits for a few days with her husband,SteveN.

Lisa was a bridesmaid in our wedding 45 years ago.

The at the end of April, Madonna is coming for two weeks to help us  sail back to Florida.

More later after I figured out how IPAD and blogspot work together to load up pictures.


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