Sunday, April 26, 2015

Life at the Job room - Marsh Harbor

Well here we are again at the Job Room, eating ribs On Wed night cookout and steak night for Joy on Saturday. all of a sudden, my pc has come back to life, although it is helped by a new plug in keyboard and plug in mouse.  Looks like the water damage from the storm may not be permanent.

We are waiting for our last friend, Madonna, from Cleveland to arrive tomorrow. She will be with us for two weeks or so.  Trying to start to head back after next week.  Island Festival is next weekend at Green Turtle and we are headed there on Tuesday, which looks like a good day to cross Whale Cut.

The Whale Cut is part of the Abacos that is open to the ocean swells from Africa. It is about 2 miles of unprotected ocean , so you need to go through with low waves.

just got a flash on the Internet that Bahamas may have very strong winds next weekend.  Should be interesting.

Spend yesterday with Steve and Lisa Wallace.  Went to lunch at Sandy Point, a real small settlement at the end of Abaco Island, then an art show at a high end development, Schooner Bay, and finally trying to find the parrots at  Bahamas Palm Shores

did find the parrots

They love whatever these berries are called.

It is definitely getting to the end of the sail cruising season in the Bahamas. After a short lull, the fisher people start coming over in the big power boats.

More later on the storm coming next weekend


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