Sunday, May 3, 2015

life at Green Turtle

We are in Green Turtle Cay at the Green Turtle Club for the past week and for another 5 days or so.

Waiting for the weather to improve to cross over to the Florida.  Had thought about leaving High Spirits in Marsh Harbor, but it looks like we are still going to Ft. Pierce but not until May 12 or so.

Our friend, Madonna, is here for two weeks.  The is Cleveland Madonna, not the "Like A Virgin: Madonna who now lives in London. this Madonna is a friend of Joy's from Lactation Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio for twenty years until we retired.

No new pictures today, but we did go on a big wave ride in a powerboat to go to Nippers Restaurant at Great Guana Cay.  The waves were 6-8 feet and we were doing 12 knots so just plowed into them.
It was an interesting ride, coming and going. 

The current plan is to leave on Thursday and start moving west to position us for a crossing on Saturday/Sunday.  Using our forecasting tools, we should have a better idea on Tuesday or Wednesday if this is going to be possible.  Our forecast tools only go out for a week.  There are a lot of weather oriented apps on the IPAD or on the PC that are free and helpful.

Friday and Saturday was the Island Heritage Festival at Green Turtle.  Here are some pictures from last night Junkaroo parade.

Joy, Madonna, and Margie( she is a sailing friend from Nova Scotia.  She and Mark are leaving their boat in Green Turtle Cay for the summer and will be back in Jan.)

Time to go watch Call the Midwives, first tv in 8 months


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