Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi everybody,

Over the past two days we have travelled through Tutusville yesterday and to Melbourne today. Both days consisted of motor sailing with the jib sail up and moving along at about 7 knots. Favorable current flow adds about 1 knot to our normal boat speed.

In fact one of todays pictures shows several of the 6 boats that we travelled single file over the past two days. The snowbirds are moving south. Once you get in the grove you start to see the same boats every day.

Late Saturday afternoon in Titusville is pretty dead. Joy did find a bakery/coffee
store that had a second floor for adults to read and eat their food. We spent an hour or more up there just reading. We had walked around town but not much was going on. We had stopped in Titusville last Spring to check it out and some of the road work that they were working on in early 2010 is still not finished.

Today in Melbourne was a lot of the same. We arrived aroud 3 pm, was the fourth boat in a single file row going into the marina. In Titusville we anchored out ( picture of several boats anchored out at night included). However in Melbourne we opted for the marina, good choice, very good restaurant on the premises. We walked into town.
Some stores were open for holiday shopping but a lot were closed. Found a good ice cream store.

We are rapidly approaching ( not literally) Vero Beach. Should arrive there tomorrow to visit Melody and Hank. Then on to Stuart on Wednesday to Sally and Manny's house.


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