Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reunion with family

We spent the past few days with Melody(my stepmother), Hank, Dimples, and Dolly. We arrived in the Vero Beach anchorage on Monday and spent the next two days at Melody's house, enjoying a big bed, bathroom, kitchen, etc as well as a good time catching up with Melody and her family's activities. Melody was married to my Dad for over 20 years until he passed away 5 years ago, and there are many memories which we shared over the past few days, reminiscing, which was good. Melody and Hank are proud parents of Dimples, one of the cutest dogs I've seen, and Dolly, the bird. We were able to get to several stores, so I now have 2 turtlenecks to add to my small wardrobe to help me stay warm on these cold mornings. The cold coming down from the North has broken all records for this date, with frost for two mornings. Of course, when I glance at the Cleveland weather, I really feel cold!

Yesterday, my sister, Sally, joined with Melody, to cruise down the Indian River(ICW) with us to Stuart where we are keeping the boat for a month, while we travel north by car. We had a beautiful day with bright sun and moderating temperatures. Sally proved to have the best eye for manatees, which up until yesterday we had not seen. Manatees are quite large aquatic mammals, 9 to 10 feet long, that are endangered, largely due to injury from propellers on fast boats, as the animals are slow moving. There are signs along the Florida intracoastal, limiting boat speed, and cautioning boaters to watch out for the manatees. We lucked out yesterday with weather, as this morning we woke up to rain.

The Loggerhead marina in Stuart, is quite plush, with beautiful bathrooms, heated swimming pool and hottub, exercise room, and restaurant. The boat will be very safe here while we are gone, and Sally and Manny will check on it every once and awhile.


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