Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The highlight of our day was seeing my former lactation partner, Anna, who presently lives and works in the St Augustine area. Anna has recently become a foster mother with the strong possibility of adopting Melody, who spent the first 10 months of her life in the hospital. Anna has had her for 1 month. What a cute little girl, who is doing very well with Anna and John's(Anna's boyfriend) tender loving care. Anna is still able to work four days a week as a nursee practitioner, as the state provides a nurse for Melody, when Anna is at work, due to Melody's medical complications. You will also see their dog, Jane , in the picture. We almost took Jane last March when visiting Anna. She has become a beautiful one year old dog, and it was fun to see her again, but we know it would have been a challenge to have a dog on the boat with us at this time.

The four of us, plus baby Melody, went out for dinner at a small Polish cafe in Old Town, St Augustine, featuring Hunter stew, pierogies, wonderful pastries, and a little Greek food thrown in, as the Polish owners had also lived in Greece.

Earlier in the day, we joined boating friends, Alex and Faune, who are from Halifax, Nova Scotia, at a little Cuban restaurant in the Lincolnville section of St Augustine. At the end of our lunch, the owner and his Dad entertained us with a threesome band. Excellent Cuban food and the cost of the lunch for 4 of us was $15. Lincolnville is an old historic African American neighborhood where Dr Martin Luther King spent some time in the 60's.


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