Saturday, December 15, 2012

Market Day in Ft. Pierce

Saturday is market day in Fort Pierce from 8 am to12 noon. The entire park area around the library, parking lots and marina were full of vendors.  One section was the food, the other section was clothes, art, etc.

We spend about two hours this morning shopping and ended up eating fish tacos from one of the vendors.

The marina was wiped out in 2004 and is slowly rebuilding.  The Feds kicked in $18 million so a series of barrier islands are being built to block any storm surge.

So here are a couple of pictures.

This is the crane that  is rebuilding the marina which was wiped out during the 2004 hurricanes.  They are building  barrier islands.

Two dogs dressed up in the holiday collars.

Going to Sally's house Tuesday night.  Joy did a lot of cleaning inside the boat today.  We are going to tackle a sanding project either tomorrow or Monday.


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