Tuesday, December 4, 2012

St. Augustine

We   spent Sunday at St.Augustine walking around town and looking at the sight.

Went to church at the cathedral which was foundedin1565, the oldest church in America.

Anna Perkey was going to join us for lunch,but her three year old in the hospital so she had to cancel.

this is the watering hole for the bird outside the dinner we had breakfast with the Frankos.They are big time going out for breakfast people.  Steve cook lunch and dinner on board.  It was a nice 25 minute walk to the dinner from the municipal marina where we were on a mooring,  Cheap, only $21 a night.

 Nice rainbow the other afternoon out over the harbor

For dinner we ate on Yesterday's Dream,played card and watched the Browns.

Walked back at 9 pm as the taxi never showed up, waited 20 minutes after it was supposed to be
there and started walking.  Christmas lights below

may have to get my new computer early as the keyboard is in bad shape ever since Joy
dropped a water pump on it.


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