Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beach Day in Hopetown

Spent the morning and early afternoon at the ocean beach off of the Hopetown Lodge.
Took our shuttle boat over to the Lodge, walked down to the beach.  Snorklers included mark, Joy and Jen.  Adam and Erin played on the sand and in the water.

After a couple of hours, Erin and I retired to the pool, bar and restaurant.  The rest joined us for lunch. The pool was really nice.  Adam seems to like the water more than Erin.  Guess she had some issues taking swimming lessons, but she is working through them.

Tomorrow we are taking High Spirits out to Tahiti Beach and taking the dinghy into shore for some shelling and water activities. Probably have to take 2 trips in the dinghy so it is not overloaded.  Depends on how close we can get to the beach and how the water is breaking on the beach.

Supposed to be a calm day tomorrow and winds increasing for Thursday and Friday.

Some pictures. 


Of course we had to have ice cream at the Sugar Shack after a tough day in the pool

Looks like on Friday we are going to take a special boat over to Man O War Cay for the Heritage Festival Day.  Works out better for us because of tide times and have to get in and out of both places at high tide times plus may have no place to anchor or mooring to pick up.


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