Thursday, April 18, 2013

In Florida

Hello Everybody,

Arrived in Lake Worth, Florida, also known as the West Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Peanut Island towns.  Lots of big power boats and expensive houses to look at.

Trip over took 9.5 hours from West End, Grand Bahama Island.  West End is the very end of the Island, about a 70 dollar cab ride from Freeport.  There is nothing here due to the last couple of hurricanes. There are some large houses with private canals and docks but the West End Settlement has been better days.  Still recovering from hurricane damage.

The   crossing was okay, there were 2-4 foot waves hitting on the aft starboard quarter so we were kind of riding the waves at an angle. The wind was 10-15 knots mostly 120 degrees so we were able to keep both sails filled and run the engine to be able to do 6 plus knots and almost 8 knots while in the Gulf Stream.

The only worthy note about the trip was that I was down below and got knocked down by a large wave hitting the side of the boat.  Fortunately as Joy puts it, the stairs broke by movement across the cabin and luckily for me the stairs knocked me on my left hip rather than me hitting my head or neck on the navigation table.  That would have been a more severe injury. So that only hurts are to my ego, my left butt and the back on the ride side.  Sitting on an ice pack as I write this part of the blog.

We travelled back with Dick and Margaret Dragonnette of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. They have been living on their boat since the Fall and keep  "Alize" at Harbortown Marina in Fort Pierce.  That is where we will tie up for 10 days and fly out to Boston and NYC next weekend after visiting Sally and Manny.

Joe, Joy, Margaret, and Dick celebrating our arrivals at Old Bahama Bay Marina in the West End.

Our last stop before heading over to Florida the next morning.


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