Monday, April 1, 2013

Hopetown Inn & Marina

Jen, Mark, Erin and Adam arrived yesterday afternoon about 1:30 pm at Marsh Harbor Airport.  No problems on the flight over from Florida. We spent the afternoon at Mermaid Reef which is just a short 10 minute walk from the Jib Room.  It used to be closer but one of the owners on the water side of the street put up a fence to keep people from crossing over his land to get to the beach.

In the Bahamas there are no private beaches but people can own the land up to the beach/water line and prevent people from trespassing.  Fortunately there is another small beach just 100 yards past the old one we used.   Mark got to do some snorkeling and the kids collected shells.

Today after breakfast we fired up the engine and pulled out of the Jib Room in a stiff cross wind. We got pretty close to the other side but managed to back High Spirits out of the fairway into the harbor without hitting anybody.  We had to try to get her straight a couple of times. She does not back well to the port especially when the wind is blowing.

Got to do some sailing this afternoon on the way over to Hopetown.  Mark did most of the sailing. Seems to really like it.  He grew up sailing as a kid in the summers.

The Inn and Marina here is only a year old and very nice and not too expensive.  The room is costing $130 a night and the dock is only $.75/ft per night, they raised the rate to $1.50 this week but we had an old reservation and get the old rate.

Here are some pictures from today's sailing adventure.

Mark and Erin at the helm

Joy and Adam

Joe and Jennifer.  She is our oldest child and will be 40 this December.  Looks like I am almost getting to be considered an older person.  NOT!

Tonight Erin is sleeping in the V berth or as she calls it  ERIN'S ROOM.

Jen, Mark and Adam are in the hotel room with two queen size beds so they should get a decent nights sleep. Last night Jen was in the V Berth with Erin and Adam. She says she is going to write a guest blog about that situation.

Tomorrow we are off to explore and do some shopping on the town side of the Harbor, visit the light house and figure out when to rent a golf cart so we can drive down to Tahiti Beach.


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