Friday, March 29, 2013

Life at the Jib Room

We are on anchor in Marsh Harbor, the main city of the Abacos. In fact, Marsh Harbor is the third
largest city in the Bahamas. It is now Friday, March 30, Good Friday, and we finally are getting decent Internet service here in the Bahamas.  Only decent, as I am trying to download a library book from Cuyahoga County Public Library and it is not happening.

We arrived her last Saturday, spent 4 nights anchored out in the harbor. Was pretty blowy the first couple of nights.  The battery was getting low so we moved onto our dock on Wednesday. Have the shore power on and batteries took 24 hours to recharge back to full.  One of the drawbacks living on the anchor is that our single solar panel does not put out enough power to fulfill our needs, especially with the CPAP machine. Then if it is cloudy, we hardly get any charge at all.

The Jib Room is a really fun place to be. Today we had three tables playing dominoes, a very popular pastime here in Marsh Harbor.

Tomorrow is some boat fixing time. Working on some rust spots on the engine from salt water spray leak that we fixed.  Sunday is Easter and after 9 am church we are going out for brunch. Then Jen and family arrive in the afternoon.  Off to Hopetown on Monday.

Will try to more updates but all depends on Internet situation at the Hopetown Inn and Marina.

Joey from My Pleasure, Barbara from Bob Ra Ann, and Joy from High Spirits at the Steak Fry last Saturday, March 23.


ps  will try to post a video of the Limbo demonstration later when the Net is running faster

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