Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dancing Under the Stars

Wednesday night is music night at Green Turtle Cay Club.  They have a great 4 piece band, keyboard, lead guitar, bass guitar and drums. The tempo is Bahamian/Island music so it is very fast.  Even the "slow" numbers are faster than most US dance music.  Anyway, some pictures below.

It has been great having Nick and Sue here with us. They fit into the boat life with no problems, except they forgot a few items back in their car.  Plus Sue keeps forgetting the store closes at 5 pm, so no  cookies tonight.

Joy, Sue and Nick took a walk and ended up at the Bluff House marina, across from White Sound from Green Turtle.  They had no money so they called the Green Turtle office and talked the guy into giving them my VISA card number so they could buy beers.  So much for security of financial information.

I stayed behind to work on some boat maintenance issues:  water refill and oil change.  The water here is reverse osmosis and cost $.25.gallon.  Not that bad, since we have seen $.60/gallon in other places. Got my jobs finished just when they got back.

We are thinking today of sailing over to Manjack Cay and anchor for the night. All depends on the wind levels this afternoon after the beach cookout.  It is tough being on a boat.

Here today's photos.

Nick on dish washing duty
Sue and Nick on the deck listening to the music

Si here is the story about the guy in the white shirt and hat. He is playing a washboard, the style of music here in the Bahamas is called:  "rake and scrape"  Sometimes the player just holds the wash board but he is wearing it, leaving two hands to play. He is actually holder old metal beer bottle openers.  His name is Brendal and he owns the dive shop here at Green Turtle Club. He just sat in for a few numbers.  The band started at 9 pm and played till midnight.


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