Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spanish Cay

Arrived in Green Turtle Cay yesterday, but first a little about our stay in Spanish Cay.
Spanish Cay is a good stopping spot between Great Sale Cay and Green Turtle Cay when the tide is not high enough to get into Green Turtle. We can come in only on half rising tide or higher.

Spanish Cay is a private island and at one time was owned by Clint Murchison, former owner of the
Dallas Texas NFL football team.  There are only 6 private house on the island along with 12 hotel rooms and two house to rent along with 81 docks.

However it was totally vacant when we got there.  Their big season starts in May through Oct for
sport fisherman. In fact during the season the restaurant is open all day every day, along with the bar, pool and hot tub.  For us it was all closed.

After we arrived, another sail boat and power boat came in and that made three of us.  The staff is super friendly and hard working.

Here are some pictures of Spanish Cay.  Note the tennis courts filled with sand from Hurricane Sandy.

This was sunset at Great Sale Cay the night before we arrived in Spanish Cay

The empty marina at Spanish Cay

The sand filled tennis courts.

So now we are in Green Turtle Club's main dinning room.  Nick and Sue Buehler arrive tomorrow afternoon for a week on High Spirits


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