Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Repairs still ongoing

Today is Wed, Feb 27, and Jack is still working on High Spirits.

After the oil pump problem was solved, we noticed that the raw water pump was leaking. So they installed our spare pump but then noticed that the pipe carrying the water from the block to the pump was leaking.

It appears that in the past somebody noticed the leak and repaired it with some sticky stuff.
SO Jack took it back to his shop last night to clean it up and coat is with fiberglass.  Should be installed this morning.

The other job is to install a mechanical oil pump gauge. That will also be done today.

I have been watching House of Cards on Netflix. It is a 13 episode staring Kevin Stacy and Robin Wright. They play a big power couple in DC. 

So Joy took a picture of me.  Called it: WHAT JOE LIKES TO DO IN THE BAHAMAS.

Today we will have lunch at the Straw Hut, Tiki bar and just hang out this afternoon.

Have to fill the boat up with water and away we go tomorrow.


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