Saturday, February 9, 2013


Dell and Jean left us on Friday morning to catch their flight to Nassau for a 5 day hotel vacation.
Had a great time with them.  Here is a picture of Dell taking a fishing hook that got caught on the jib reefing line.

After they left Joy decided to go fishing.  After a stop at the bait store to get some frozen shrimp she was off in the dinghy out to the start of the 7 mile bridge.  Steve Franko says that is where they are biting.  So off she went in the dinghy.

Joy came back 2 hours later with 4 fish for dinner, including a mutton snapper.  Here is a video

And a picture of the results

Today is get ready to leave day. Have to food shop, fill the boat up with diesel, water and gas for the dinghy, and wash clothes tomorrow.  Also tonight is another evening of great music at the Tiki Hut.


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