Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gone Fishing

Dell and Jean Rogers arrived Monday afternoon from Cleveland, Ohio. They are on a 3 week road trip celebrating Jean's retirement from the Wade Park VA hospital. Actually she stopped working in the Fall, but this is the first major road trip since then.

Today they went fishing with Joy on the Marathon Lady, a 74 foot fishing boat.  Caught about 14 fish, all small but hopefully tasty as we are having them for dinner.

A video that Joy took

Getting ready to play Mexican Train, a form of dominoes. Takes about 3 hours to play one game.  A good afternoon drinking time game.

Weather does not look that great for heading out to the Bahamas for the next week or so.  We have paid for a month.  This is a great place to stay and just relax.  Have a few small boat projects to do to get ready.  Mostly get food on the boat. Rogers have a car, so we are going grocery shopping tomorrow


ps  They clean the fish for you for a $1.

Another video from Joy

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