Monday, February 25, 2013

Boat Repairs

Jack and his helper, Damien, showed up at 9:45 am and started examining High Spirits.

After several tests, it was determined that our oil pump was not working and not providing any oil pressure.  They ended up taking off the fly wheel to get to the oil pump. Took it off, cleaned it out of some dirt, and put it back together.  They also used compressed air to shoot into the oil pan to blow out any stuff that was hung up in the strainer.

Put it back together fired it up and no problems.

They are coming back tomorrow to install our spare raw water pump, the current one has a leak, not where the gasket goes but at the back of the pump.  That should cut down on salt water dripping on the transmission system.

Also going to install a mechanic oil pressure gauge and check for diesel fuel leaks

Was a good day.  The biggest things we have to do next is when High Spirits is out the hard is to have the engine lifted, the oil pan taken down and it and the strainer cleaned.  That is a job for the yard to do since the engine will have to come up, and then realigned when put back on the motor mounts.

Damien, on the left, and Jack taking off our fly wheel. Damien is his nephew and learning the marine trade,  Jack has bad knees so he supplies the brain power and Damien the muscle power.

Blowing compressed air into the oil pan.  Seemed to work.


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