Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today is Sunday, Feb 17, 2103. We are in Bimini Blue Water Marina in North Bimini.
Lot of fun stuff is going on and we have been doing things with a group of about 10 other boaters.  Most of them are heading south to the Exumas, 2 boats are headed back to the States, and High Spirits is headed to the Abacos.

Today we went to church at Holy Name Church that has a visiting retired priest from Canada, originally from Poland, not too far from Krakow. 

After church we returned to the boat, via Nate's Bakery.  Picked up some coconut rolls which are great.
Then off to Stuart's Conch Salad Shack, about 2 mile walk on the bay side of North Bimini.
Went with 10 other boaters, had a great time and here are some pictures.
Joe, Fabian, and Joy.  Fabian, also is known as Black Tarzan as a kid
Piles of chopped conch, onion, tomato, and green peppers.  The making of conch salad.
The finished product.
This unfortunate boater ended up on the rocks.  Big storm waves.

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