Saturday, February 2, 2013

Marathon, Fl

Today is Saturday, Feb 2, and it has turned out to be a nice day of  sunny weather and a chance to work on the boat.  Went out to breakfast with Steve and Linda Franko at the Stuffed Pig.  Stuffed Pig is only open for breakfast and lunch, and the Fankos only go out for breakfast.  It has great hashbrowns  with mushrooms.

Steve and Linda ride their bikes down, we just walk across the highway.

After breakfast Joy and I walked over to the hospital as they were having a health fair and clinic. Lots of people signed up for free physicals put on by medical students at the University of Miami Medical School. Since I just had a checkup in December, we just wanted to find out what was happening. Linda has a automatic blood pressure device on their boat, so Joy is going to have her pressure taken tomorrow(if we remember)

Boot Key Harbor is the official name of the mooring field. Wanted to include a picture of the bike rack where everybody has to park their bike, must be 200 bikes in the rack area, plus there is a smaller rack area along the dock area.

The next picture is the inner dinghy dock or as I call it the laundry/shower dinghy dock as they are right at this dockage area. There is an outer dinghy dock at the end of the marina buildings where we go if we are just going into the lounge for a while

This dock only has space for about 10 boats, however one of them is 70 feet long or so.
Tonight being Saturday, it is music, dancing and singing night at the Tiki Hut. Heading to shore shortly with some food for dinner so we can get good seats. Have to take the chairs.
Right now Joy is cleaning out the front V berth as Dell and Jean Rogers are coming for 4 days starting on Monday afternoon. Should be a great time, including a trip to Key West.

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