Thursday, January 31, 2013

Siting on the Hook

I am sitting on the hook (mooring or anchor) waiting for Joy to return fro the shore. The generator is running full blast as the biggest problem we have with being on an anchor/mooring ball is the use of electricity which is greater than our solar panel can replace it. So the batteries slowly get lower and lower. One solution is to run the engine, that really puts a big charge back, except running a diesel in a no load situation is not good for the engine.  I ran it for an hour today. So we run the little Honda 2000 but that only puts out about 10 amps.  One idea is to go for a ride on Sunday for a couple of  hours, that should give us a good charge.

Jean and Dell arrive on Monday afternoon for a four night stay on High Spirits. Hope they know what they are getting themselves into.  Should be great fun.

Last night was the meet and greet. In the afternoon we played dominoes. Here are a couple of pictures.

Don, Joe, Judy, Joey and Pat
the other table, do know that is Barb on the end in the purple shirt.  Not sure about anybody else.
Been on the phone today talking to the Customs/Border people about the Local Boater Option program. We have cards from two years ago, it helps you check back in faster when you return from the Bahamas or any other country by boat. 
Having lunch with Osprey, Tammy and Jerrell, from our trip to the Bahamas two years ago.  They just arrived and looking to go to the Bahamas but perhaps some other parts that we are probably not going to.  All depends on the weather and getting to Marsh Harbor/Hopetown for Jen and family, March 31


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