Monday, January 28, 2013

Line Splicing

Today is Monday, Jan 28 and Duane is here to splice a new roller furling reefing line. The other splice had a problem in it and it would not go through the line guides.  So Duane suggested a new line and is here to splice it. Our reefing line is a continuous loop, pull on one side it pulls out the sail, pull In the other direction, it rolls the sail up.

Cost of this project should be around $40.  The new line cost $115.

So we have been busy getting to Marathon and spending some time with Linda and Steve Franko across  US 1 in Banana Bay Marina.  Had some packages sent to them before we arrived and some more should come this week. They are here for 3 months.

This was taken before Joy cooked us a great dinner with mushroom, broccoli and spaghetti.
  2. The guys were victorious at Euchre again, coming back from a 9 to 5 deficit, then it was 9 to 6 and then Joe did a loaner for 4 points to claim the victory.  The Ladies are requesting a different game on Monday night, so we are switching to dominoes. Banana Bay has a pool so we are going over there about 4 pm after getting some more boat chores accomplished.
Disregard the numbers.

The winds are strong here this winter, it would be great if we had a wind generator but we do not.

going to run a test on my cpap machine to see if I can run it without the water heater system.

We paid for a month here until Feb 24.  There is so much to do here, some people never go farther south.  Our Bahama plans will all be dependent on the weather. Just need to get to Marsh Harbor in March for Jen and family's arrival on March 31.


ps  picture of Joy having a great time when we sailed down to Marathon

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