Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fy. Lauderdale

Making progress down the ICW.  Arrived in Ft. Lauderdale home of the big and I mean big boats. One marina bills itself as the mega yacht marina and your boat has to be 200 feet in length to get in. They only have 22 slips and no prices on their website.
Their style:  If you have to ask, you can't afford it.  Needless to say we are not at the  mega yacht place but anchored in Middle River off the ICW and staying for free.

So we took a couple of pictures today to show people what life in Florida is all about.

This boat is sitting in a dry dock, above the water surface.  The whole machine goes up and down to pull the boat out of the water so they can work on the bottom. Then it goes back down so the boat can float off.

typical Florida canal house, not too big, not too small
Today we went through 15 bridges. Some of the bridges are on a timed schedule, like every 30 minutes on the house and half hour and other bridges are on demand. You just come up and request an opening. These are much better than the scheduled bridges. Today we missed a scheduled bridge by r 2 minutes, and had to wait 30 until the next opening.  Only two more bridges to go tomorrow as we have to go out around Miami and that is tomorrow's activity.

This guy has his boat onto of his dock lift.  The back end of the boat is pushing the boat and lift through the water.  Interesting way to move the lift from one place to another.

Another Florida canal home, looks like a Venetian Italy mansion.  Wonder where people get the money to build and buy these houses.


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