Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday we travelled with Phil and Sara Sayre to Lake Worth, Fl.  We had to go through 7 bridges to get there from Peck Lake

The bridges of southern Florida are the biggest pain in travelling to the Bahamas. Today we have to do at least 5 bridges and possibly 11 tomorrow.  Some are on request, and some on a time sequence.
Usually the bridge operator for the request bridges likes to bunch boats up together so that four to six boats go through at the same time.  No problems so far, it just makes the travel time a lot longer to cover the same distance compared to a no bridge day.

The weather has turned cold, and the wind is out of the north, We had thought about going out but not today. We will have to go out eventually from Ft. Lauderdale ( Port Everglades inlet) around Miami because of the one fixed bridge that is less than 65 feet on the ICW.  It is only 55 feet high and so most boats over 35 feet have to go out for 25 mile around Miami Beach.

Phil and Sayre introduced to a card game that they call Australian Rummy. We have played it before under another name. Two decks of cards, deal 3 cards at first, 3's are wild.  Have to have a set. Then deal four cards, 4's are wide, have to have a run.  If anyone reads this blog and remembers playing this game with us in the last couple of months, refresh our aging memories.

Got the dinghy engine up and time for breakfast. Leaving at 8:30 am.  Temperature is 57 degrees but supposed to warm up to mid 70s.


PS  pictures on next posting.

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