Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We stayed another day at Peck Lake just south of Stuart.  Spent the morning working on the boat.

Joy worked on crating some new screens to keep out the no see ums. I worked on some fraternity business and read my book.  Such a tough life for me.

After lunch we took the dinghy over to the beach along with Phil and Sara Sayre. We are travelling with them for a couple of more days until we get to Miami. They are stopping there to jump over to the Bahamas directly while we are continuing south to visit the Butchers and the Frankos.

Here is a picture of Joy, Phil, Sara, Jane and Russell.  Jane and Russell are from Tallahassee and just came to Peck Lake to wait for the arrival of another boater.  Jane and Russell know Dave and Pattie from Oregon. Both have 42 foot Whitby ketches.


in order, Joy Russell, Jane, Sara and Phil- on the ocean at Peck Lake

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