Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sitting in Marn O War Cay

We have been here in Man O War Cay for the past two nights. Just signed up for Internet for a week so we can go back to reading our email, listening to Chris Parker weather forecasts, and doing the blog.

Looks like we will be here for a couple of more days as two friends, My Pleasure with Jim and Joey , and Bar Ra Ann,  Bob and Barbara may be arriving tomorrow afternoon.  It will be good to see them as we have not seen them since Marathon, Fl.

So on our trip over the last couple of days, we ended up in Great Guyana Cay for the Barefoot Man concert last weekend. Check him out at

The music is great and the lyrics are a riot.  We stayed a couple of nights on a mooring for only $20/night.  That seems to be the universal price for moorings in the Abacos.

At one of the restaurants, Pirates Cove in Great Guyana Cay we got to watch the movie, Identity Theft with Jason Batemen.  The sub titles were in Japanese as it was a pirate copy out of Japan.  The only problem was next to us were a bunch of loud taking locals.  So the movie was a little hard to hear but pretty funny.

So here are some pictures from the last couple of days of places and people:

Pigs off of No Name Cay, nobody but the pigs live there. This baby pig is very small.  The pigs came down to us after we went a shore. We threw them bannas and cabbage to eat. The bananas were tasty, not so the cabbage.  The lucky pig that got the banana took it and ran off, no sharing in his mind.

At the Barefoot Man concert, they had this travelling magician entertaining everybody before the show. He was really good, especially on his card tricks. 

Annette and Larry Carter, they have been sailing with us for the past week or so.  Going to their bot, Island Pleasure for dinner tonight.

Barefoot Man and one of his back up singers. By the way, he does not wear shoes.


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