Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day at the Beach - Manjack Cay

On Thursday we decided to cut the dock lines and head over to Manjack Cay, a small cay about 6 miles from Green Turtle. We got there in the evening.  Friday morning after breakfast we took the dinghy to shore and walked 30 minutes to the beach.

There are six private homes on Manjack.  We met one of the owners, Lisa. She has lived there 21 years with her family.  She has been coming to the Bahamas for 45 years or so, and finally built a house.  They raise vegetables, chickens, and other items. They collect rain water for drinking and irrigation.

The beach was long and white. Joy and Sue went on a long walk.

After walking back to the dinghy we took advantage of the chairs and hammock that Lisa has put out for boaters to use.  This is a very friendly place.

Some pictures of Friday's activities.

 The place has all these signs telling you which way is the Beach.

At the beach at Manjack
Cay.  Nick, Sue, Joy and Joe

Nice place to rest

View from the hammock

Sue at the helm, two sails, no engines, focused on course 240 degrees.

Our Friday dinner being prepared by one of the local fisherman.


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