Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun on Block Island

We have been here for the past two days, Wed & Thursday.  We found Chris DeCaro yesterday and had lunch with Chris and her sister-in-law, Terry. Terry and Chris came for Terry's annual family reunion on Block Island. After a nice lunch at Three Sisters, we headed over to the beach and had very relaxing afternoon.

This morning we stopped for some very tasty doughnuts, picture attached.  Joy said it was the best she has ever had.  They were good and Nantucket also has good doughnuts. 

Today was a day for bike riding down to Southeast Lighthouse and the Mohegan Bluffs. We had lunch downtown and then headed for the Lighthouse. Most of the way was up hill so we ended up walking the bikes part of the way.  After climbing down to the ocean, we found the "Mud People".  Around the corner of the beach is a spot where the water and clay form a mud puddle. People climb and coat themselves.  We have attached a picture of two the Mud People.

Interesting fact about the Lighthouse. It was moved 245 feet in 1993 due to cliff erosion.  They jacked up the lighthouse and attached house onto 38 beams.They then moved it on a series of rails.  Project cost several millions of dollars, would have been worth watching it move.

Having dinner on the boat tonight, same as last night. Trying to conserve our financial resources as move into a more expensive part of the county for boaters.  The mooring fees are in the $45-$65 per night range, versus the $20 per night down in the South. 

On the way back to the boat we saw an accident that was very lucky for the two people on a moped. Then did not make a proper turn and hit a truck right in front of us.  Joy signed a witness statement that the truck was clearly on its side of the road. The moped people were extremely lucky as they were not wearing helmets.  Found out from the bike rental people, that no helmet on a moped is a $85 fine.
I called 911 immediately, and the squads were there in about 5 minutes.  Looked like they will end up with some bruises but no major bone damage.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Martha's Vineyard at 7 am.  Just an overnight stop and then to Nantucket on Saturday for three nights. Then back to Martha's Vineyard for 3-4 days.


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