Friday, August 26, 2011

Prep for Irene

Today is Friday, August 26 and we like a lot of people here in Scituate Harbor are getting their boats ready for Hurrican Irene.

We had some trouble getting to the morring last night. Turns out instead of transmission cable problems, the fuel cable broke.  That is why we had no power in the midst of the 25 knot wind trying to pick up our mooring.

We found a guy to work on it, he is currently taking it apart, and hopefully we will have the cable ordered by early next week and put back together. He is replacing both the throttle cable as well as the transmission shifting cable.  Of course, it is T&M, time and materials.  Will be interesting to get the final bill.  At least it is not the transmission, which as Linda and Francis knows is a 4 digit expense.

Here is some pictures of our trip up the Cape Cod Canal, Craig Fletcher and Joy, plus working on High Spirits for the Hurricane.  We took off the jib sail, took down he dodger and bimini.  Plus going to tie down the main sail.


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