Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nasty Weather in Nantucket

It is raining like crazy here in Nantucket, Sunday August 7.  We motored and sailed over to Nantucket yesterday from Vineyard Haven, part of Martha's Vineyard. The trip over was a good sail, except at the end we had to motor into a headwind.  I also goofed up and we might have the mainsail stuck a little in the roller furler. I forgot to tell Joy when to stop cranking.  Whenever it stops raining we will try to pull out the main sail.

So last night we had dinner with a classmate from Exeter, Jay Riley and his wife Gretchen.  Pictures attached.  We went to a very nice restaurant.  Gretchen has been a summer resident of Nantucket since the 1980s with her parents.  We hope to go over to see their house in eastern Nantucket and will get there by riding bikes.  Also hope to go to the beach while we are here, except the weather forecast is for rain on and off most of the time.

So after church today, we went to the new Whaling Museum for the afternoon. Very informative programs done by the volunteer staff including a talk on whaling history, a talk on the Essex which was rammed by a whale and sunk, and a very nice movie about the culture of Nantucket.

Good things we had raincoats as we were still soaked by the time we got back to High Spirits on mooring O-7.

Found out today that Joy's high school friend, Daphne and her husband Bob, are coming to Nantucket tomorrow for a couple of days with their daughter and her family. Hope to see them on Tuesday.

We most likely will stay until Wednesday but possibly Thursday.  All depends on the weather.

People always ask if we have a TV. We tell them no, but we have a computer with a fairly large screen and we watch movies on Netflix or reruns on  In fact the other day we watched two movies, or at least I did. The first one was Mercury Rising with Bruce Willis about an FBI agent and an autistic 9 year old boy.  The second one was the 1954 classics sci fiction movie, THEM.  Them is about killer ants that mutated from radiation from the 1945 A bomb test in New Mexico. It stars James Whitmore, Edmund Gween(Santa from Miracle on 34th Street), James Arness, and Fess Parker.  Why this movie?
Them was one of the movies we got to see at Camp Christopher, CYO summer camp, that I went to when I was 10 years old, 1958 or so.


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