Saturday, August 20, 2011

Laid up in Cleveland, Ohio

Well a lot of interesting things have happened in the past week. Sorry about the lack of postings but we got behind and then had some medical issues we had to deal with.

After Woods Hole, we travelled to Newport, RI area to visit with Candace Keefe and her family.  We actually are on a mooring in Jamestown, RI, across the bay from Newport.  Candace is an old high school friend of Joy.  Her husband, David Keefe, is a obgyn in NYC, so they live in NYC during the school year and in Newport during the summer and vacations, Candace and Dave have seven children, the last two are still in high school. The older ones are in college or medical school. 

When I get the camera ready, I can post some pictures of their house in Newport. Actually it is an old mansion, 22 bedrooms. We had a lovely stay overnight with Candace on Tuesday.

Then the medical issues started. Joy had been noticing some lower abdomen pain for 2 weeks and so we decided to rent a car and drive back to Cleveland so we could be checked over at the Cleveland Clinic.  Turns out she just has a muscle strain, most likely from water skiing with Nick and Sue Buehler two weeks ago at their lake home in Webster, MA.  So that is good.

We arrived in Cleveland, Wed night late, staying with Gayle and Don, my sister and husband.  I also went to my doctor and discovered I have a small hernia which will be rechecked in late November to decide what to do about it.

Had a nice pizza party with Connie and Mike and their son Jeff, his wife Kristen and their two boys, Evan and Issac, Over to Kristen's after dinner for desert and to celebrate Connie & Mike's 37th anniversary.

Joy started having trouble with her right knee and it was too painful to walk.  So today,Sat, Aug 20 we are waiting  to hear from the nurse and most likely staying to Monday/Tuesday to get her a MRI appointment to check for damage.

So that is the news from us this week. Will keep the blog posted on  medical updates.


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