Thursday, October 6, 2011

Isles of Shoals

We made it to the Isle of Shoals around lunch time today, Oct 6.  Left about 8:30 am and rode the current out of the Merrimack River.  It was a little rough outside on the way to Gosport Harbor, Isle of Shoals but we got here in good shape.  It is about 6 miles east of Portsmouth, NH.

Last night we went to the Screening Room, a small arts style movie hours right in downtown Newburyport, Saw John Tuturro's Passione.  An Italian movie about music and Naples. Very interesting, I thought it was very good.  However, 4 people out of the 18 in the place walked out.
Then we went out for dessert, Joy had carrot cake and I had chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.\
Newburyport was a great stop for us and I liked being on the municipal dock as you were right where everything was.
Joy loves the Isle of Shoals because she came here as a kid on Primrose VI with her grandparents, parents, and siblings.  Also there was a famous murder here long time ago.  It is too rough to go into shore at this time. We are bobbing up and down.  Hopefully tomorrow morning it will be calmer and we can go ashore.  Need to leave around  1 pm so that we can catch the flooding tide to carry us into Portsmouth Harbor.  Here are some pictures we took from he boat.

This is our last night on the boat for this part of our sailing  adventure.  Tomorrow we pull into Kittery Point Yacht Yard's Eliot boatyard and start pulling off the sails, and  removing stuff off the boat for the winter.  Warren said he would deliver the Rav4 today.  Then we will drive to Sara and Willow's house in Dover, NH to stay a couple of nights while we spend the day time working on getting High Spirits ready for her winter rest.


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