Monday, October 3, 2011

Reunion in Maine

No, we haven't gotten the boat to Maine yet....., so we rented a car and drove to Lisa and Steven's house in Bremen, ME.  We were joined by two other college friends, Peg, Harry, and Oliver (the dog) from Manchester, NH and Andi, from Silver Spring, MD.  In the past 6 years we have had our little mini-reunions, enjoying time together with good friends from college days.  What is so nice is that not only can we talk about the good old days, but can still solve the current problems of the world, with similar views- no Tea Partiers here!

Lisa and Steven live out along the coast about 50 miles north of Portland, which is very rural, with 750 population, and 2500 in the "large" town of Damariscotta.  Their street dead ends at an Audubon camp in one of the thousands of Maine coves.  By next summer we should be able to visit via our boat.  Although the weather was dismal, rain and drizzle, we enjoyed Saturday, poking around Damariscotta shops (the women) and gathering at the coffee shop (the men).  Our goal was to have lobster at night on the docks, which we did, along with corn, and clam or mussels.  Luckily, there were sheltered picnic tables, with Christmas lights in the shape of lobsters, and candles to shed light on our meal.

Three pictures- #1 around the table at Lisa and Steven's, #2 the four of us Simmons women on the dock at Round Cove, and #3 Oliver.  We will be dog sitting Oliver over the Christmas holidays for Peg and Harry, so had to include his picture.

We got back to Newburyport in the drizzle and dark and had a hairy dinghy ride back to the boat.  The weather is still not too cooperative, as Ophelia is several hundred miles east, but delivering swells to the coastline, so we are staying here until probably Thursday.  We have decided to move to the town dock which is only slightly more costly ($45/ night), where we can access shore power and not have to dinghy in strong currents and more rain tomorrow.


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