Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rain in Newburyport, Trying to stay dry!

Well we are back from Joy's Simmons reunion/lobster weekend up in Bremen, Maine.  Had a great time with her classmates and spouses. Everybody seems to enjoy being with each other, and every body's politics are about the same. As Joy says, No Tea Party people here.  While they had lobster on Sat night, I had a ham and salami sandwich with an ear of corn.  Joy had clams to start with and then her lobster. Monday night we went  Mexican

We moved from the yacht club to the city Dock for a couple of reasons. The main one is that the current is extremely swift when it is running and if you fell out of the dinghy while the current is running out, you would most likely get swept out to sea.  So Sunday night we came back about 10 pm, very dark and very fast current.We got in the dinghy and out to High Spirits and had to tie up straight into the stern of High Spirits, not sideways which we usually do. When we tie up sideways, we can tie two lines and get out very easy.

Going in straight means only tying up the front of the dinghy and having to crawl out the front. While you are trying to tie up, the current is pushing the dinghy away from the back of the boat so it is not that easy to get a line tied to the stern hand rail.   So after doing that again ( we did it once before) Joy said we are moving to the city dock which costs a little bit more but is right downtown and we get free power to charge up the batteries instead of having to run the Honda generator or diesel engine.

So Monday we washed clothes as the laundromat is right off the square, about 100 feet from the place we are tied up at. Good thing we did as now, Tuesday morning at 10:30 am it is pouring like crazy.

Weather does not look good until Thursday, Next two days are winds approaching 20 knts and seas 5 feet or so.  Looks like Thursday for Kittery or early next week if we go to Isle of Shoals first.

Paperwork is moving along for the Rav4 lease. Warren, the owner, received the papers to sign and is sending them to me for delivery n Tuesday. I have to sign, get a bank check and send them in. then I think we get the final approval papers  and then we get the car.  Warren has volunteered to drive the Rav4 to Kittery Point Yacht Yard and is going to leave it there for us. We will mail his plates back to him so he can get the car off his personal property tax bill.

I think tomorrow I will be going to the other historical museum here in town.  .Joy is going back to a consignment shop to look at winter shoes.

We have started to sort out the clothes we no longer need and will be donating them to Goodwill up in Portsmouth.  We will be staying at Sara Funk's garage apartment for a couple of days to get the boat cleaned out and ready for shrink wrapping.


ps  Sorry no pictures, hopefully after it stops raining.

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