Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 5 on the Hard

Today, Monday, Oct 17, is DAY 5 on the Hard.  I am slowly adjusting to the fact that we are not living and travelling on High Spirits. I miss it already. Only 8 months to go.
But there is lots to do and friends to spend time here in New London plus visiting our kids in their homes over the next couple of weeks.

We have trips planned to DC and Baltimore in two weeks and then the weekend after that it is off to NYC.  Then Thanksgiving out in Columbus, Oh plus a visit to Cleveland at the end of Nov for doctor and dentist appointments, and then back to New London for Christmas. We are looking forward to our Christmas visits by our children and grandchildren. 

Joy has her midweek ski pass ordered, and I have connected with my IRS tax volunteer group.
We played dominoes at the senior center on Friday afternoon, it was like playing with our parents. The other players were 85.  I signed up to be a volunteer driver for the senior center.

So far, I have made some progress in dealing with all the stuff we brought back from High Spirits. The table in the barn room is almost cleared off.

Joy has been super busy cleaning the rental side of our house. For those who have not been to New London the house is actually two separate full size houses connected with a room in between, we call it the barn room because it was built with old barn timbers and planks.  One of the houses has always been rented out.  We are preparing it for hopefully some Colby Sawyer college students to move in around Jan. 2012 for the second semester of their school year.  Most of the work needed is cleaning and some painting.

Attached is a picture of Astor, Mike and Susan Todd's new puppy.  Spent the afternoon yesterday with Susan down at Colby Point. Mike was rowing in two person shell in a tune up race for Head of the Charles which is next weekend.  We plan on having a dog sometime in 2013 after we do next year on the boat.

Since we are not on the boat, I will be not writing as often, but will write when things happen


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