Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well , Monday, June 11, 2012 was the first day working on High Spirits which is sitting on the hard at Kittery Pont Yacht Yard, South Elliott, Maine.

Also working with new blog editor, so hopefully I can figure out how this new fangled software works.  I always wonder why people are changing software all the time, except that it keeps them employed and paying social security taxes which is good for us.  Keep those tax revenues coming into our checking account. We just send it right back out to the boating industry.

So we arrived at the Funk's garage apartment.  Sara and daughter Willow are friends of Mark and Jennifer.  Mark and Sara go way back to when Mark was a grad student at Universty of New Hampshire. Beleive he got his Masters at UNH. It is a nice apartment with lots of windows and ventilation.

Went to the yard first thing. There sat High Spirits, in need of a hull paint job, wax and buff the sides, and no rigging on it.  Howver, please notice our new dodger.  The side pieces to enclose the cockpit are being worked on this week.  We spent most of our time there working on hull preparation, scrapping off the dirt and lightly sanding the paint. 

Tuesday is painting the hull day.  The big job will be the radar/gps installation on the mast. The elecrnics guy is supposed to show up on Tuesday, or course he was supposed to show up on Monday afternoon but never made it.  We wll see what happens Tuesday.

It is not 6:47 am on Tuesday, Joy just got up.  Time to eat and get some doughnuts for the yard crew.


Ps  The first picture is the living room of the family house in New Hampshire.  Just wanted to show the contrast between living in a house and living on a boat.

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