Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joy has the BUG!!!

Today was the day that we left Kittery Point Yacht Yard. Woke up early, and we moved off the dock onto a mooring just off the dock.  The wind was light and we got off with no problems, and then started to hoist the main sail.  Of course, we always think we know what we are doing, but we did not put the sail into the special slot that runs the length of the mast. Of course, it would not furl, so we pulled it down, recognized our mistake and hoisted it up again.

Off we went about 8: 30 am to catch the 8:45 bridge opening.  Kind of tricky waiting for the bridge guy who took forever to start pulling it up. Got fairly close to one of the abuttments, about 25 feet away, but finally got through.  The picture of the Portsmouth Naval Station, started in 1800.

Took off to Biddeford Pool, Maine, got here about 3 pm, ran the motor was 4.5 hours, sailed for 2.0 hours. Wierd sound coming out of the back of the boat, will nvestigate when we get to Portland.This own is very small, one general store, restaurtant, one US post office,and one tourist store.  Supposedly only  4 families live here in the winter. Mostly all cottages  and large summer estate size houses.

The rest of the pictures are of the tug that was parked at our dock in Kittery, us, the rocks and the oceans.

So I should explain my title. She definitely has the Bug, not the kind that makes you sick but the kind that makes you feel special and fullfilled. She announced at dinner today, that this one day makes her realize how much she loves the ocean and sailing.  We are definitely doing the right thing, now rather than later.


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  1. So when you guys sail down to Cape Cod, come up from Chatham, thru Pleasant Bay, and anchor in Meetinghouse Pond (40 ft deep in places, a glacial pot). We know some great restaurants in Orleans.

    Mike Neschleba