Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Waiting for the Tide to Turn

It is almost time to leave Eliot, Maine, home of High Spirits for the past 8 months.  It is 3:50 pm, and we are waiting for the timde to go slack the hour before the high tide of today at 6:17 pm.

We are on an inside dock with a wind directly a tthe stern, so it might be a little tricky backing
directly into the wind.  Then we head down river and wait for the lift bridge to open at either 6:15 pm or 6:45 pm. Shooting for the 6:15 opening. 

The current can hit 6-8 knots when it is running full force especially gong out.

Finished up all the jobs, and you can call her Joy the faucet lady.  Had a small drip in the galley sink and she said it had to be fixed he last day.  So I travelled to two hardware stores, and one industrial plumbing company. Found out that our valves were European, that really was not a surprise since she
was built in England.  Guy said, "I am not responsible"  in terms of removing the washers but
he got off the holding nut without trouble.  We bought some washers and went back to the boat.

He said, "just use the holding  nut to push the washer down until it is fully seated"  Worked for
the first valve, but I broke the holding nut on the second valve at the last second.

We put the valve back in and no leaks, so I guess we did it corectly or just lucked out.

Yesterday we went to see"  Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" really enjoyed it and recommend it. Steve Carrell and Kiera Knightly.

Headiing to the other Kittery Yacht Yard mooring field for tonight.  Still need to put on the main sail.  Should have done it Monday night but Joy was feeling tired and said, "we will do it tomorrow"
Of course now the wind has been too high and the wrong direction. Should be able to put it on in the mooring field, as the boat should point into the wind.  Then we are headed to Portland, Maine for a couple of days, hopefully on a morring on the Portland side of the river.


ps  Seems we rebuilt High Spirits again as we had everything checked out.

short list from memory:  windlass , new radio wire in the mast, new connectors at the mast, winches overhauled and greased, engine tuneup, hull waxed and buffed, bottom repainted, some rewiring of the elcrical panel. new dodger, new connecting strip to bimini,  and new side pieces for the cockpit,

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