Sunday, June 17, 2012


It is almost time to turn in, about 9:10 pm here in beautiful Dover, NH.  Notice the photo of Joy and Sara around the campfire.  Except it was too windy for a fire tonight.

Today was Father's Day and I had a great day.  It started off  kind of shaky as our new Verizon 4G Wifi card started acting up last night. Would connect to the computers but not to the Internet. Found the Verizon store and showed up at 10 am.  Also found out that we had bought our new 4G device from a Verizon Reseller, a franchise store as compared to a company store. Long story short, we are getting a replacement on Tuesday.  Just have to get that activated and hopefully it will not have the problems the one we got in New London has.

Went to Durham, NH which is the home of University of New Hampshire. Walked around a little before church.  Very nice church, on the smaller size but good service and good music.

Then off to York, Maine where we had lunch at the York Harbor Inn. I of course since it was Father's Day picked the place for lunch. Joy had Seared Salmon Eggs Benedict, and I had a lamb salad.

We walked the cliff walk around York Harbor, and then went into town and found an ice cream store. Had been purchased by an employee of Pfizer whose division was sold and all jobs exported overseas. The owner was in manufacturing of vision products.Now she is in her 4th year of  retail sales of a specialty product.

Finally back to Dover and some time talk with Sara.  Had to stop because of mosquitos were getting prety severe.

Tomorrow we find out if the aft seacock works or has to be pulled out and replaced.  They finally had someone look at the seacocks after being here for five days.  Of course, there had to be one trouble maker in the batch. If it has to be pulled out, then we probably will be here for at least a week longer.

The process is to cut around the hull on the bottom of the boat.  Pull out the seacock and possibly the thru hull pipe.  Then put in new seacock, redo the fiberglass making sure there are no leaks.  Let the glass cure, and then repaint.  Let you know what happens tomorrow night.


ps enjoy the photos. Some explanations.  Top one is Sara and Joy.  The third picture is of Nubble Ligh house in York Harbor, Maine, one of the most photographed light houses in Maine. You can not get to it except by the little gondola car shown in picture 2. There is abut a 100 feet of space to cross with water below you.

Picture 4 is the Bossy Lady, lobster boat at rest and picture 5 is me at the York Harbor Inn.  Very nice place if you are ever up there. The chef has been there 30 years and the dining room manager, Sean, has been there 25 years.

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