Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today was cleaning day.  See the attached photos.

The young man, Jake is doing the wax and buffing job on the boat.  He is about 40 %
finished.  He is doing a great job, but he keeps getting called off to do other jobs in the yard.
We figure that they are down to only 4 boats to launch.

Our big job today was washing and cleaning our 50' mast.  It is made out of aluminum and we found a great cleaner at West Marine.  It is easy to do, but takes a long time to do 50 feet of aluminum.  This job is about 80% finished.  It will be done by tomorrow noon. 

The older guy on the top of the boat is Bob. Bob is drilling a hole for the radar wire to go through
the deck to a connector that hooks the unit up to the power console.  Hopefully it will be fairly easy to disconnect as it has to be disconnect to pull the mast.  However we do not anticipate pulling the mast again for 2 years or so.  Once it is up this week, that is it for a while.

The really good news today was that Brian was able to move the aft cabin seacock so no big job of putting in a new seacock and all that entails is going to be necessary.  So we are on kind of a track to go in the water on Thursday if the radar mounting unit shows up tomorrow.  Somehow it was either not ordered last week or the vendor forgot to ship it.  Just another bump in the road for a boater to handle.

So that is the news for now.  We did go candlepin bowling after working on the boat.  Joy has a new delivery which boosted her scores in the third and fourth games.


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