Friday, June 22, 2012


 High Spirts splashed in at 2:53 pm EST, June 22, 2012.  Here are some photos of her being loaded into the boat carrier, and moving down the hill backwards into the water. It is quite an operation.
The yard is a quarter of a mile from the water on the top of a hill, so they can not use a Travel Lift device.  The truck was specially made for them, and last year the owner, Tom Allen from Cleveland said it cost $80,000 just for the carrier.  By the way, Tom went to St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland.  Small world.

This weekend boat jobs are to clean the inside, and move our stuff onto the boat. The plan is to sleep on her on Sunday night. Monday is rig tuning day, engine checkover, water heater checkover and change various fuel filters.  She did start up today, first time.  Plan on turning in the car to Toyota on Wed  morning and then we are off, up the coast of Maine to visit family and friends.  We have been communicating with Joy's Albiston cousins.  Skip's sister's grandchildren.  Uncle Joe and Aunt Dot.
Dot was Skip's only sibling. Also for weekend after July 4 we will be visitng with Joy's college group, Lisa and Steve Wallace along with Peg Gould and Harry Malone.

Right now at 9 pm we are  having a thunder and lightening show. No rain yet. Still is very hot upstairs in the garage apartment. Thunder is getting closer. 


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  1. You must be really excited to have it back in the water again. I got mine back on its mooring over the Memorial Day weekend, and it felt like summer was finally here.