Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleeping on High Spirits

Well last night, Sunday, we moved onto High Spirits.  Many thanks to Sara Funk for letting us stay in her garage apartment for the past two weeks.

So we woke up today early in the morning, and the yard crew started in at 7:30 am working on some of our old and now newer maintenance items.  Things that got done: engine is running fine and ready to go.  New problem areas:  seems like the lights up the mast, mainly the anchor light, runing lights, steaming light and foredeck light do not work. After exploring the connections on the deck with a volt meter and the fact that the lights were tested before the mast wnet up, this means most likely that the connectors are not functioning properly and need to be replaced. 

Hopefully that will get done on Tuesday.  We did put up the jib sail this afternoon. May sail tomorow if the winds are low and not raining.

The other major problems to fix are no water out of our new cold drinking water filter system, and the front head overfills after flushing.  Nothing critical but would like to have a boat that works 100% for at least one day in the next year. Not too much tro ask.

Then about 5 pm, after a big electrical storm, we found out from two guys who rowed in from a sail boat off our dock that the bridge that we have to go through was hit by lighening and can not go up. 

So basically we are trapped up river and can not ge out to the ocean until the bridge is repaired.  Going scouting tomorrow to find out if anybody knows how long this will take. I just remember from our Cleveland days that there was a  bridge in the Flats that was shut down for a long time due to mechanical failures.

No pictures today, perhaps tomorrow. Supposed to return the Rav4 on Wed but need to find out about the bridge before we do it.  If the bridge  is kaput for a while. we will have to change our plans and keep the car until we can leave.

Bye for now


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