Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well today was the day the mast was loaded onto  High Spirits.  Here are several pictures of Brian and Bob handling it, and it is very heavy.  Also notice Joy the supervisor standing in the shade.

The last two days it has been very hot, 95 to 97 degrees. It is extremely hard to work in this heat.  Yesterday was hard as we still had some painting to do.

Also June 20 was our 42nd anniversary. We celebrated by going to a Japanese restaurant for dinner and then afterwards to a movie about global climate change that was sponsored by
350 refers to carbon parts per million in the atmosphere.  Several scientists believe that carbon in the atmosphere has to be reduced from 397 back to 350 to prevent an increase in global temperature.

Very interesting movie and speakers after the movie. 

So High Spirits gets splashed tomorrow, weather permitting. Then over the weekend if it cools down we will clean the inside and start moving onboard.  We have a car loaded to the top of the inside with our stuff and clothes all over the Funk's garage apartment.  The plan is to move out of Sara's place onto the boat for Sunday evening and stay on the boat.  It should be cooler since the boatis in 55 degree water.

This heat reminds me of our stay in Charleston, SC when Joy took off for her Simmons reunion and left me behind when it hit 105 for two days. 


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