Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today was Painting Day.  Even have a picture of me to show Steve Franko that I actually do some of the work on the boat.

Showed up this morning with Dunkin Doughnuts for the yard crew.  Always helpful to treat
the yard crew to some goodies once in a while.

After wiping off the paint dust from yesterday, we started painting about 10 am.
Around 11:30 Joy left for her hight school girl friends luncheon.  I kept up the painting and finished the first coat about 1:30 pm.

After a short rest, 15 minutes, I was back painting, Joy showed up and we finished the second coat abut 4 pm. Due to the fact that we were running out of paint, $350 a gallon, we only did a second coat at critical areas like the water line.  Had to save some paint to cover where the jack stands are holding up the boat and for the keel where we have rust spots. We seem to be the only boat in the USA that has an iron keel versus a non rusting lead keel. Guess iron keels were popular in England back in the 80s when High Spirits was build, 1984 to be exact.

Tomorrow has rain on the forecast so we are going to do some land jobs like find me another CPAP machine as mine is broken.  Also the yard to going to work on grinding out the rust spots, covering them with epoxy so we can slap some paint on.

The electronics man showed up today. Looks like they will mount the GPS on the back of the boat so as to not have to move its wiring. But the radar leads have to be changed for the radar to be mounted on the mast.

that is it for now. Hope all of our broken down boater friends get back on the water soon.


ps  Pictures today are of Joe painting and a photo of the apartment we are staying in for the duration here in Kittery.

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