Thursday, June 14, 2012


It is now 8:05 pm and another day of work is over.  I just got back from a short walk with Joy.  She decided to keep walking for a little longer.  My back was starting to ache so I turned and came back.  We are trying to walk more, a little after every meal.  That is what we have learned from Nick and Sue Buehler.  They walk at least a half mile after each meal.

Today was a watershed day.  The yard started on the radar/electonics project.  They decided to run the radar wire down through the floor rather than in the ceiling. Of course this meant taking the elecrical panel apart, pulling out the table to open up the floor.  Should be finished tomorrow.  Bob is waiting on a new circuit breaker and also the radar mount bracket for the mast.

Jake, one of the younger yard crew, started waxing the sides about 2 pm this afternoon.  Supposed to get done wthin 12 hours of labor.  See how that works out.  Once Jake is done, then the yard has to work on the keel rust project, check the keel bolts and Bob has to rewire our major anode underneath the keel.

Joy and I washed the dighy this afternoon and put in the leak sealer. This is the second time have had the dighy up on its nose, forgot to take a picture of it. We also worked on cleaning up the prop shaft which still had some barnacle growth on it. Had to get it clean to put on 3 anodes before we launch next week.

Looks like next Monday but probably Tuesday to get into the water. Then the yard says they will work on the front head issues and any other issues.  We will have to check out all the elctrical work. Last time we had some major work done, down in Deltaville, the electrician put the boat together incorrectly so when you turned the battery switch to off,  NOTHING HAPPENED, EVERYTHING STAYED ON. 

Hope all is well with everyone.


pS  The Dog House is where we had lunch today. It is about 5 minute drive from the boat yard.
Joy had their lobster roll while I had Italian sausage with sauerkraut.

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